ByeBye BALLET — this is not only dance school, but it is the residence for many talented choreographers.
ByeBye BALLET was producer of such amazing dance performances as:

    • Megapolis
    • I love Me(N)
    • Mister Ch

    • Fade
    • Simone’ s Dream
    • I adore U

    • Myth

ByeBye BALLET now  — it is a home for such astonishing choreographers as Erez Zohar and Liliya Burdinskaya. Egor Pleshakov, Olia Vasilievs, Liza Tarabanova are putting on stage their works here, Alexander Liubashin, Alisa Panchenko and Do Theatre are rehearsing their plays.

The space is open for anybody, who wants enjoy the art, it is open for new projects and partnership.

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