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  • Description

    Modern ballet
    The premiere took place on May 31-st, 2009 in the theater  «on Liteyny».
    Choreographer: Liliya Burdinskaya
    Performers: Vladislav Makarov, Liliya Burdinskaya
    Light artists: Vladimir Schinov and Gidal Shugaev

    The ballet is based on fast-moving development of relationship of two people, which leads to difficult parting and review of personal values. It is a rare occasion for a viewer to be part of performance, illuminating what is taking place on stage, and seeing what they want to see. Dancers do not stop their dialog with viewers till the very end, telling a story of collision of two loneliness’s in a big city. Right after the two have met, they made their house, and inside it they moving further and further apart. Wandering, pressure of past comes down on them as a rain of biting sand, pouring on the stage. Vulnerability of pride of modern people is expressed by high-tech language of pure modern dance.


  • Description

    Modern ballet
    The premiere took place on April 12-th 2013 on “Skorokhod” theatre platform
    Choreographers: Liliya Burdinskaya, Erez Zohar
    Performers: Liliya Burdinskaya, Erez Zohar

    What if you take one day of a couple and saturate it with ancient wisdom, put inside symbols of myths sometimes as a trap and sometimes as a clue… And because of that will their daily life become a work of art?

Mister Ch



  • Description

    Dance performance
    The premiere took place on October 14-th, 2010, at Youth Theater on Fontanka
    Choreographer: Liliya Burdinskaya
    Performer: Bye Bye Ballet Company. Art director Liliya Burdinskaya

    This is beautiful metaphoric play, cascade of four stories about most important questions of existence. Life and death, love and cruelty – all that is interlaced in complicated plot and shown by means of dance language. Among of other play’s virtues are uncommon scenography, breathtaking videoinstallations and original music. Composer and coauthor of the play is Artem Mikhailov, also known by his work in “Don Guan’s teaching” and “Metamorphose” plays. Producer is art director of Morph Theater Sergey Khomchenkov.

I Love Me(N)

  • Description

    Modern ballet. One-actor show
    The premiere took place on December, 15-th, 2012 on “Skorokhod” theatre platform

    Choreographer: Liliya Burdinskaya
    Performer: Liliya Burdinskaya


  • Description

    Dancing performance
    The premiere took place on April. 25-th 2012, at “Litsedei”theater

    Choreographer: Alexander Liubashin

    FADE play is modern dance in multimedia interactive space.

    Nonstandard theatrical form of FADE play has an actual basis — relation of people in a world of technology.  On a screen appears a projection, made with a help of modern computer technology, which further develops a dance.  It has a real time connection with movement of dancers. Graphic projections on their bodies is made by pattern of dance. The effect of all that is totally unreal, and a line between reality and virtuality is fading.

I Adore U

  • Description

    urban-contemporary performance.
    The premiere took place on November, 21-st, 2012, on “Skorokhod” theatre platform
    Choreographer: Egor Pleshakov

    The play is made of 10 scenes. Each scene is a description of a problem of modern youth expressed by language of movement and music. From dramas of human relation through desperation and loss of purpose of existence, to reunion. Ten scenes are showing interrelations and desires of characters. One of the features of the play is a stage set. It consists of only four doors, which could be a barriers in a character’s way, and a passage to another dimension. The duality of play’s title: «I adore U/ I a door U»  where it’s at

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