Meeting Point. International project

Meeting Point.


Collaboration project between ByeBye Ballet (RUS) and Dansearena nord (NO).
The projects main aim is to create a common platform for Russian and Norwegian dance artists, where they can meet and get to know each other through the creative framework of a Laboratory Workshop.

The project consists of two phases, both developed to facilitate the exchange of experience and working methods between dance artists from the two countries:

Phase 1
Place: Hammerfest, Norway
Dates: 16th – 20th of May

One Russian and one Norwegian dance artist meet in Hammerfest, and are given working space and a frame with guidelines for developing a 5 days long Laboratory Workshop for a group of 12 dancers – 6 Norwegian and 6 Russian.
These two will get the chance to exchange their knowledge and experience while collaborating on the creation of this workshop, and then try their common workshop-creation in PHASE 2.

Phase 2
Place: St. Petersburg
Dates: 2nd – 8th of June

The LAB is realized on the group of Russian and Norwegian dancers, under the guidance and leadership of the LAB’s two developers. The LAB ends in an open work in progress showing at the end of the period.
Throughout the working process the participants of the project are stimulated to get a deeper and wider understanding of each other as expressive artists and creators, through lectures, talks and debates, and of course the LAB-work itself.

The project is supported by the Ministry of culture of Norway.

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