Our History

ByeBye BALLET — the center of contemporary dance, inspired by choreographer and dancer Lilia Burdinskaya and embodied by Alexander Kondratenko. The creators were educated in London and implemented European view of contemporary art in professional dancer education. ByeBye BALLET was intended to be not just a dance school, but to be a living space, a space for discovering an unknown in yourself, for getting new knowledge and feeling joy of movement. The teachers here are only those who dedicated themselves to the most important business of their lives – to the Dance

ByeBye BALLET is a residence of many talented choreographers. ByeBye BALLET was the producer of such marvelous performances as  Megalopolis, I love Me(N), Mister Ch, Fade, Simone’s dream, I adore U,  Myth.

The space is open for everybody who wants to enjoy the art, is open for new projects and partnership.

The birthday of ByeBye Ballet — is November the 19-th, 2009.


  • Those who wants to dance we teach methodically and with patience. We take pleasure in helping to embody yours desires and experiences into creativity.

    - Liliya Burdiskaya (artistic director)

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